District heating

For more than 20 years E enegija has been pioneering in modernisation of heat generation and district heating networks. Since 2008 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has been a strategic investor in E energija for transforming numerous municipal district heating systems in Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, increasing the efficiency and change to biomass technologies in this sector and building independent biomass plants. The project was completed in 2020 and EBRD exited E energija group.


Currently E energija group operates district heating assets, generates and supplies heat from biomass for the cities in Lithuania and Ukraine and implements boiler house modernisation projects for district heating companies in Poland.


District heating

Following public-private partnership (PPP) model the E energijagroup invests into the modernization of district heating systems in the cities, operate district heating systems and provide district heating and hot water supply for the end consumers.


Investments include complex modernization of district heating systems: installation of biomass boiler for heat generation, condensing economisers for the increase of efficiency in existing, dated boiler houses, modernisation of pipelines or construction of new biomass boiler houses, design and installation of substations for residential houses.


Independent heat generation

E energija has a firm presence in a regional industrial market, where biomass is used for heat generation (including steam for industrial plants) and supply to the final customers – district heating companies and industrial clients requiring heat in their production process. Group companies work closely with industrial companies using process steam & heat in the production process, e.g. paper, food processing, metalwork, alcohol and other industries.


In Lithuania E energija group owns and operates biomass CHP in Klaipėda city (25 MWt + 1,5MWe).


A district heating network which is owned and operated in Klaipeda free economic zone (FEZ) is used to distribute residual process heat of FEZ companies to district heating clients.


Services for industrial companies

Our clients include industrial companies and factories that operate in the fields of food processing, alcohol, bioethanol (dehydrated ethyl alcohol) production, metal processing and metal-work.


Our areas of competence and services:


  • Installation and operation of photovoltaic and wind electricity generation facilities for industrial customers under ESCO model;
  • Generation and supply of saturated steam, hot water and electricity for industries;
  • Modernization of industrial boiler houses, project development, financing and construction;
  • Operation and maintenance of industrial boiler houses;
  • Design and installation of equipment increasing the efficiency while decreasing pollution of environment in district heating process, such as condensing economizers, multi cyclones, and other fume cleaning equipment;
  • Analysis and optimization of energy processes for industrial companies.


Contact for information: info@pramonesenergija.lt