Privacy Policy


1.    About
1.1.  website collects data about its visitors in order to determine whether the website is useful and informative, and how it could be improved in the future.
1.2.    When collecting any data on the website, E energija always follows this Privacy Policy that contains comprehensive information on what data are collected, how they are used, and who has access to the data.
1.3.    Every visitor has certain rights that enable them to control their privacy, whereas E energija ensures access to them and hereby provides information on how visitors can do this.

2.    Data manager
2.1.    Joint managers of the visitors' personal data are the companies that are part of the E energija Group in Lithuania and Poland. Their contact details can be found here:
2.2.    Specific duties of the companies that are part of the E energija Group and their relationship towards the visitors have been outlined in a mutual agreement between them. All queries related to data protection may be addressed wiring an e-mail message to us at

3.    General Provisions
3.1.    This Privacy Policy sets forth the primary principles and procedure for data collection, processing and storage on the website. The collection, processing and storage of the visitors' personal data are governed by this Privacy Policy, the personal data protection laws of the data controller's state and other legislation.
3.2.    By providing their personal data, the visitors agree that E energija will control and manage them for the purposes, via the means and under the procedures set forth in this Privacy Policy and the legislation.

4.    Cookies
4.1.    What are cookies?
4.1.1.    A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a visitor's computer or a mobile device when they visit the website. This allows the website to remember the visitor's actions and settings (such as a login name, language, font sizes and other video settings) for a certain period of time so that the visitor would not have to re-enter them every time they visit the website or while browsing its individual pages.
4.2.    How does E energija use cookies?
4.2.1.    E energija uses cookies only necessary for maintaining the technical functionality of the website.
4.2.2.    It should be noted that if a visitor does grant the website the right to use the cookies, some features on the website may be partially or completely unavailable.
4.2.3.    The legal basis for the use of cookies is the E energija's legitimate right to ensure that the website is technically functional. In cases where cookies are used to remember the visitor's preferences and collect statistics, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the visitor's consent.
4.3.    How to manage cookies?
4.3.1    A visitor may manage and/or delete cookies. How to do this may be found here:

5.    Server logs
5.1.    The server, which hosts the E energija website may also log queries submitted by the visitor to the server (the address of the website opened by the visitor, the device and the browser used by the visitor, the visitor's IP address and login time). These data are used solely for technical purposes, i.e. to ensure that the website functions in a proper and secure manner and to investigate any potential security breaches.
5.2.    The basis for the collection and use of such data is the E energija's legitimate right to ensure technical accessibility and security of the E energija website.

6.    Profiling
E energija may use the statistical data on the visitors of its website to analyse traffic and demographic trends; however, E energija does not create individual personal profiles for each visitor.

7.          Who has access to data?
7.1.    Any statistical data about the E energija visitors may be accessed by the E energy staff who work in IT departments of the companies part of the E energija Group and are in charge of the analysis of such data as well as website development.
7.2.    In addition, technical records may be accessed by the partners of E energija that provide content management tools and hosting services for the E energija website.

8.    How long do we store data?
Cookies are valid until the visitor closes the website.

9.    Visitor's rights and how to exercise them
9.1.    By contacting E energija by email at , you may exercise your right to:
9.1.1.    access your personal data processed;
9.1.2.    request rectification of your personal data;
9.1.3.    request erasure of your personal data;
9.1.4.    if applicable, withdraw your consent allowing the processing of personal data.
9.1.5.    In certain cases, you may have the right to request restriction of processing of personal data or object to processing of personal data.
9.2.    A visitor may exercise their rights under the provisions of applicable EU and Lithuanian legislation.
9.3.    If a visitor requests erasure of their personal data, E energy shall retain only copies of such information which is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of third parties, abide by the obligations placed by the state authorities, resolve disputes, identify interference or comply with any agreements concluded by the visitor with E energija.

10.    Complaining rights
If a visitor believes that there has been a violation of their right to privacy, they may file a complaint with the relevant authority in the EU country of their residence. Contact details of such authorities:

11.    Proposals
If you have any queries or proposals, please do not hesitate to write to us at